December 5, 2017

In July 2014, CannAssist Canada Inc and Mayor Alan Spacek and Mr. Andre Robichaud, Economic Development Officer for the Kapuskasing Economic Development Corporation entered into discussions around the construction of a medical marijuana production facility in the area.

Kapuskasing, ON (November 20, 2017) – Mayor Alan Spacek, with the support of the Chief Administrative Officer, Guylain Baril and the Town Council, announced that a formal partnership agreement has been reached between the Kapuskasing Economic Development Corporation and CannAssist Canada Inc to construct and operate a world-class, eco-friendly medical marijuana production facility on the grounds of the municipal airport in Kapuskasing, Ontario. This project will create many new full-time jobs for residents and will provide approximately $3 million in annual income for more than 60 families, and around $12.5 million in associated economic benefits, to local business.

“Thanks to an extraordinary public/private partnership, we are positioned to move forward with the development of a large scale, state of the art, medical cannabis production facility which will make a significant positive economic impact on our community and create a substantial number of new jobs for our residents.”, said Mayor Spacek. “The CannAssist application to Health Canada has successfully completed the initial review process and confirmation of readiness to build the facility was received on November 20, 2017. With the increased efficacy of Marijuana for several medical conditions and the legalization of recreational marijuana approaching fast, we are perfectly positioned to become a key player in the industry and to contribute in a positive way to the evolution of this new and burgeoning industry.”, stated Mayor Spacek.

Janice Britton, CEO CannAssist Canada Inc, stated that, “Kapuskasing has always been known as the Model Town of the North, and this partnership is definitely a reflection of this. The support and progressive thinking of the Mayor, CAO and Town Council has solidified our commitment to Kapuskasing with the granting of an equity position in the company and will ensure that our operation will contribute to economic development in the community and create jobs for local residents for generations to come. CannAssist aims to work with economically challenged communities through the development of additional public-private partnerships to create new jobs and economic growth for towns and municipalities all over Canada. We sincerely believe that the private sector can work collaboratively with and benefit the local communities in which they are located to a much greater extent than they currently do. We believe our model of public-private partnership is a key differentiator and offers Canadians a tremendous value proposition. When you do business with CannAssist, you are creating jobs and economic growth for communities all over this great country of ours”.

A Media Event will be held in Kapuskasing on December 28, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers for the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between CanAssist and

Kapuskasing where the public can learn more about the partnership and the economic impact that it will create for the area.

Questions regarding this project can be forwarded to Mayor Alan Spacek at the Town of Kapuskasing at (705) 335-0001 or ( or Janice Britton at CannAssist (